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Local Businesses In 2020 Have Taken A MASSIVE Hit, Resulting In Them Searching For Solutions ONLINE..
COVID is a tragedy for local businesses, but also an opportunity.

Many businesses, if not most, were FORCED to go online to search for ways to promote their business, to get traffic, customers, sales.

However, unlike you and I, they’re not very familiar with things like SEO, backlinks, video creation and all these other things which are needed to get themselves ranked.

Hence, they are willing to pay, big time, to an expert or an agency.
Businesses, Restaurants, Lawyers & Any Local Business You Can Think OF, NEEDS YOUR HELP!
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Google & Youtube Can Bring Them LOADS Of Traffic, And They’re Willing To Pay Up Thousands To Earn Much More.

They KNOW that, there’s a reason they came online to search for traffic from google and youtube.

They know the potential.

Imagine, what getting 10,000 new visitors to their site/fb page/instagram page can do to their business?

Their bottom line?

They know that, they want it, and if you’re not gonna provide it to them, they’ll hire someone else.

Local Businesses Are Different Than Online Marketers Or Youtubers..


You see, local businesses are different than what you and I are used to.

When you start an agency for local businesses, you can expect these benefits, which I know are extremely attractive to most marketers who are looking to earn income online with ease and without headache...

Most Local Businesses Invest Thousands Of Dollars Every Single Month Just To Keep Them Running And:

  • ​ They Pay More
  • ​ They Refund Less
  • ​ They Are More Thankful
  • ​ They Take You More Seriously
  • ​ They Recommend You To Their Peers
  • ​ They Pay Faster And Safer.

The Question Is: Where Do You Find Them, And How Do You Rank Them In Their Area?

That’s the big problem, right?

First, you need to find the clients.
Then, you need to contact them.
Then, you need to start doing the work.
Then you need to deliver
Then you need to manage them and communicate with them efficiently.

And finally, you need to get paid quickly and safely.

Well, you don’t need to worry about ANY of this, because we solved all of these problems, inside this special edition of PointRank.
We Made It, Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.
Pointrank Local Edition

 Pointrank local edition comes with both new features to land clients, provide the service, manage them in the dashboard and get them traffic in the process.

On top of that, we deliver step by step training tutorials on how to find clients more efficiently, how to communicate with them, where they hang out, how much to charge, how to safely and quickly collect payments and more!

Here’s how it works:

Brand New Features & Separate Dashboard To Manage Your Clients

We’ve broken it down to 4 simple steps, which are all you need, just rinse and repeat per client, and create one hell of an Profitable agency in a blink of an eye.

Easily Find Clients In Need For Your Help 
In this step you will use our features that help you do that, and watch our training tutorials showing you exactly step by step how to find and land clients smoothly and easily.
Create A Stunning Video Customized For Their Business In A Few Clicks
In this step you will log into your dashboard and use our amazing LOCAL SPECIFIC video creator.

This creator is different than pointrank’s creator as it’s LOCAL ORIENTED and designed only for local businesses.

They require DIFFERENT kinds of videos than the one us marketers use to rank and promote our digital services and businesses.
Quickly Rank With The Combination Of PointRank 2.0 and Pointrank Local Features
In here we have amazing, advanced and WELL TESTED + WELL DOCUMENTED features that get those videos ranked for their SPECIFIC LOCAL AREAS.

You’ll be able to rank 1 keyword for multiple areas, or 5 businesses for one area.

Google & youtube will be your playground.

And you can always add some ranking juice using Pointrank features, and offer this as an upsell.
Get Paid (We Instruct You How To Collect Payments Safely & Easily)
That’s it, no worries, no learning curve, no thinking, just listen to what we say (with over 8 years of experience and millions of dollars + a few agencies, we know what we’re talking about)

And if you’re skeptical, check out some of these businesses we ranked and helped get results for:
This is a COMPLETE NO Brainer. 
Not only you’ll earn good money, even GREAT money (5 figures and more) in the process, without changing a thing..

You will also be able to help businesses get more traffic and sales, and since these are local businesses, they pay more, they don’t ask for refunds, and they pay fast!

I’M NOT asking you to start a new business, just add something on top of what you already have, and it cannot get easier than this.
(warning, this is a REAL limited time offer, once the
special launch ends, prices Increase)
And don’t forget..

You’re Covered By Our 100% Refund Policy.

This is very simple.
I don’t like games, or scams.
I like honest marketing and honest customers.

If you upgrade to this PRO upgrade and within 14 days you decide for WHATEVER reason to just stop. Then I will refund you.

This is on purpose so you can feel safe when using it knowing that if anything goes wrong - you’re covered.

So let’s get you these clients and help them make money while you make money as well.
And, I know I have a higher chance of getting you to invest in the upgrade.

So let’s get you those sales and commissions by helping local businesses around the world that are desperately looking for you help.

All the best,
Tom, Gaurab & Yogesh
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